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About Communication

Manage social media accounts for a national brand; conduct healthy-living campaigns to educate and inform the public about wellness issues; staff a U.S. senator’s communication team...These are just a few of the career paths you may take as a communication major at Rutgers.

In business, government, civil society, and personal relationships, we are continually called upon to be competent communicators. The major studies the theories of communication that guide us in using messages that are meaningful and analyze how communication is practiced across different cultures, contexts, and media. This combination of theoretical and practical coursework will enable you to understand the “big picture” of communication and to determine what makes communication effective or ineffective in various situations. This knowledge is in demand across a broad spectrum of industries and organizations, and you will find valuable internship and career opportunities in public relations, government, advertising, corporate relations, entertainment/news media, health care, research, and other fields.

Admissions Process

The B.A. in Communication is a joint degree between the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Communication and Information. Students interested in this major would apply for admission to the School of Arts and Sciences.


There are four areas of specialization to choose from that are designed to provide you with tangible skills in a specific area, making you more marketable to potential employers. You may even consider combining areas to build more expertise in your degree area.

  • Leadership in Organizations and Community
  • Health and Wellness Communication
  • Relationship and Family Communication
  • Strategic Public Communication and Public Relations

Related Programs and Degrees

  • Minors
    • Digital Communication, Information and Media
    • Gender and Media
  • Dual Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)/Master of Communication and Information Studies (M.C.I.S.)