Bachelor of Fine Arts
Master of Education

About Dance Education - BFA/EdM

This joint-degree track is an exceptional opportunity to earn an undergraduate degree in dance in a conservatory setting and a master’s degree in education in five years at a cost savings.

Students on the five-year BFA/EdM track overlap degree requirements at two different schools: Mason Gross School of the Arts and Rutgers Graduate School of Education. The BFA degree is conferred by Mason Gross School of the Arts at the end of the senior year. The EdM degree is conferred by the Graduate School of Education after an additional year of graduate studies. The five-year teacher education program in dance education leads to a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and initial teacher certification.

The diverse interests of the Mason Gross and Graduate School of Education faculty ensure expert direction in four core areas of study: technique and performance, creative process and choreography, theoretical dance study, and dance education. Students on this track have many career options, including:

  • Certified dance educators in PK–12 schools
  • Educational leadership in community arts settings
  • PK-12 dance teacher preparation on the university level
  • Doctoral study

To apply, applicants must submit the Mason Gross supplemental application and complete an audition for the BFA dance program. During the third year of study in the BFA program, students interested in the five-year BFA/EdM program must complete an application to the Rutgers Graduate School of Education.