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About Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources

Studied bat ecology in Africa; researched an invasive plant species to determine how it impacts plant growth in natural systems; performed behavioral observations on threatened shorebird species; and compared the parasite community between land-locked and migratory river herring..…Rutgers students have done this and more!

Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources studies how natural-living systems function and evolve and how they can be managed to conserve biodiversity while providing benefits to people. The major will prepare you to address critical issues in a rapidly changing world, building a foundation in three core areas:

  • The structure and function of ecological systems
  • Evolutionary processes that shape organisms and their interactions
  • Modern tools to manage biotic natural resources
The major offers the most ‘hands-on’ and field-oriented biological learning experience at Rutgers. You’ll have lots of opportunities to take field courses that explore the wide array of marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems in NJ. Within a single day, you can visit and study habitats of barrier beach islands, salt marshes and coastal bays, the Jersey Pine Barrens, and the forests and hills of the Highlands.

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