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About Geological Sciences

Imagine conducting research on lunar and meteorite rock samples and being selected for a 10-week summer internship with NASA. Or what about travelling to Africa’s Turkana Basin to study the evolution of early humans? These are experiences of undergraduate students at Rutgers!

Earth and planetary sciences majors investigate processes controlling the evolution of the Earth, its environment, and life through time. Areas of focus include:

  • Global changes to the solid Earth and it’s environment, oceans climate, and life
  • Natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, and landslides
  • Natural resource exploration and management (hydrocarbons, ore minerals, groundwater)
  • Planetary geology

The major covers the core areas of geology and still allows ample opportunity for you to specialize through additional courses in math and allied sciences. You’ll enjoy employment opportunities in environmental and energy industries, as well as excellent placement in the top graduate programs in the country.