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The Italian Department offers a wonderful summer program in Urbino, Italy. In fact, we consider cultural immersion so crucial to your mastery of the language that we require our majors to study abroad in Florence, Ferrara, Rome, or Urbino.

In the rigorous and friendly setting of the Italian Department (including movie viewings, special seminars, and lectures) you’ll gain fluency in the language and a strong background in Italian literature and culture. A language degree will help you prepare for new international challenges and open doors to many professional graduate schools, including law schools and schools of international affairs or diplomacy, as well as to careers in education, international business, and public relations. At Rutgers, you’ll learn from a faculty ranked #3 in the United States by the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index (books published, grants awarded, and articles cited), and you’ll develop a keen awareness of current issues facing Italy and its contributions to world cultures.

The Rutgers Italian Club sponsors game nights, cannoli and bocce celebrations, and other cultural events throughout the year. A welcoming community awaits you!

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