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Japanese majors will be introduced to the cultural heritage of Japan through courses on literature, history, visual culture, language and linguistics. Students will be able to communicate effectively (listening, speaking, and writing) in Japanese and will learn critical skills in analyzing and interpreting literary and cultural materials appropriate to the student’s area of specialization. Students will achieve advanced linguistic competency and be able to demonstrate practical skills in using Japanese for translation and interpretation. Students will be able to relate relevant issues to other areas in the humanities. The department offers introductory language programs for students just beginning the study of East Asian languages. The different writing systems, the complex characters and idioms, and the new sets of sounds and inflections present rewarding intellectual challenges. Upper-level courses also offer more advanced students the opportunity for in-depth analysis of Asian cultures. Through courses on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean civilization and literature, Rutgers students study the elements that formed these languages centuries ago and the forces that shape their modern expression.


Proficiency in an East Asian language opens doors to a wide range of opportunities for individual and academic growth, whether students seek the feeling of achievement that comes from mastering a different language, the practical skills that can lead to an exciting international career, or a new perspective on the world from a distant society.


Today students of East Asian languages enjoy expanded job opportunities, enhanced by a growing world economy and new political relationships. An impressive numbers of corporations and agencies operate branches world-wide as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea have become more and more important in international trade.