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About Mathematics

Mathematics is not just a major, it's at the core of many careers and opportunities upon graduation. Students majoring in Mathematics at Rutgers–Camden encompass skills and abilities that set them apart from the rest.

  • Mathematical Skills- Students will learn the language of mathematics, computational skills, logical reasoning, complex problem solving, data analysis, pattern recognition, advanced quantitative skills and how to prove or disprove mathematical conjectures.
  • Analytical Thinking- Students will apply mathematics to the physical world, understand processes, follow complex reasoning, develop critical thinking, construct arguments, and learn computer literacy and discipline.
  • Communication Skills- Students will develop effective listening and writing skills, the ability to clearly write and organize mathematical information, and the ability to present and discuss mathematical information.
Math majors find employment in a variety of fields. Places of employment for math majors include: banking, finance, insurance, market research, science, computer science, aerospace industries, and educational institutions.

Related Programs and Degrees

Rutgers-Camden offers three comprehensive undergraduate degree programs in the mathematical sciences.

  • The Pure Mathematics program is for students looking for a traditional mathematics curriculum.
  • The Applied and Computational Mathematics curriculum is directed towards students with an interest in mathematics, computer science, and the overlapping STEM disciplines.
  • The Mathematics Education program is for students interested in teaching as a profession, and must be completed with the teacher prep program.


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