Bachelor of Science
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About Mechanical Engineering

Build original robots. Find new ways of producing sustainable, clean, and affordable energy. Develop innovative technologies for improving health. Mechanical engineers are involved in designing and creating things as diverse as roller coasters, bomb squad robots, wind turbines, human implants, and hybrid vehicles. At Rutgers, mechanical engineering is about learning how to conceive new ideas and bring them to life through design and manufacturing.

In Rutgers’ mechanical engineering program, you will:

  • Design mechanisms, machines, and structures
  • Explore the composition of high-tech materials (ceramics, composites, biomaterials)
  • Invent high-tech equipment (spacecraft, robots, human implants)
  • Study rapid-prototyping and machining
  • Analyze heat, energy, and mechanical stress that occur within engineering devices such as internal combustion engines, electronic equip­ment, artificial organs, and nuclear reactors
  • Examine nanomaterials, biosystems, diagnos­tics, fire simulation, and fuel cells


  • Energy - which culminates with an energy certificate accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET in addition to the bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering.

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  • B.S. in Aerospace Engineering
  • B.S. /B.A. or B.S. Dual Degree Program with the School of Arts and Sciences
  • 5-year B.S./Master’s Degree