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About Physician Assistant - B.A./M.S.

Rutgers offers a B.A./M.S. combined degree program allowing you to entering into the professional Physician Assistant program prior to earning a bachelor’s degree. This is a 3+3 year program with the first three years spent at the School of Arts and Sciences. You would apply to this program at the end of your second year at the School of Arts and Sciences.

The clinical phase of the graduate program includes extensive training with rotations in inpatient medicine, ambulatory care, surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, emergency medicine, psychiatry, intensive care medicine, and a medical sub-specialty (cardiology, gastroenterology, HIV/AIDS, or geriatrics). During the final semester, students may choose an elective rotation from a wide variety of disciplines such as cardiology, infectious disease, dermatology, gastroenterology, and surgical sub-specialties or arrange a rotation at a site of their choosing either within the U.S. or abroad.

Graduates of the Physician Assistant program consistently achieve high pass rates on the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE) with scores that place them in or above the 97th percentile nationwide.

Admissions Process

This is a 3+3 program with the first three years spent as an undergraduate at the School of Arts and Sciences and the last three years in the professional graduate program at the School of Health Professions. You would apply to this program in your fourth semester (end of your second year) at the School of Arts and Sciences. Prerequisite course requirements are listed below. Applicants must have an overall and science (including math) GPA of at least 3.2 (on a scale where 4.0 equals A.). The PA program requires patient contact experience. Applicants to the PA Program must be able to demonstrate familiarity with the PA profession through direct experience, which is best done through shadowing. Volunteer work is strongly recommended.

Transfer students who complete their sophomore year earning at least 30 credits at Rutgers are eligible to apply to this program. Note: Applicants with an Associate’s Degree, regardless of whether it was earned as a dual degree in high school or as a traditional degree after high school, are ineligible to apply for this program.

Students not eligible for the 3+3 program may apply to the professional program after earning their bachelor’s degree with the required prerequisite courses.

Prerequisite courses:

  • English Composition
  • Statistics
  • General Psychology
  • Anatomy*
  • Physiology*
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • 6-8 credits of additional upper level biology


* Combined Anatomy and Physiology courses are acceptable provided the total amount of credits is 6-8.


Please see the prerequisite course guidelines for more information.