Bachelor of Arts

About Public and Nonprofit Administration

A Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration is offered at Morris County College through the Rutgers-Newark School of Public Affairs and Administration. The Rutgers University–Newark School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) is widely recognized for its knowledge and competence in public service and administration with particular attention to the fields of measurement, management, and improvement. Rutgers SPAA is one of the top schools in the nation with a number of highly ranking programs according to US News & World Report.   The Public and Nonprofit Administration major offer students a focused interdisciplinary approach in becoming decision makers in diverse positions and careers in the government, nonprofit, and corporate sectors.  The program offers both theoretical and practical experience (internships) that best prepare our graduates to be highly attractive to public and nonprofit organizations.        Students majoring in criminal justice must complete 35 credits of public and non-profit administration (SPAA) courses.  At least half of the credits for the major must be taken at Rutgers. Students with an earned associate's degree in Public Administration from any accredited community college are eligible to apply to the Public and Non-Profit Administration Program (SPAA).  Specific pre-requisite courses may be required.