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About Theater Arts (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) major and minor in theater is designed for Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences students who are seeking a solid overview in theater as part of a well-rounded liberal arts education. It allows students to investigate the various disciplines in theater.

Students at Rutgers have a number of performance opportunities, regardless of college affiliation or major. These student-run organizations include:

The BA major in theater consists of a balanced course of study in scholarship and art, stressing a theoretical approach. Upon completion of the degree, students are prepared for internships, employment in the arts community, graduate study, and graduate or studio training.

Entrance to the BA theater program requires only academic admission to the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences and declaration of the theater major. An audition is not required.

Theater majors in the BA program are required to take a minimum of 47 credits, including courses in theater history, playwriting, and scenic art, as well as an internship.

Related Programs and Degrees

The BA minor in theater allows students with diverse academic interests to draw on the benefits of an arts education, supplementing their broader liberal arts studies. An audition is not required to declare this minor. The minor in theater requires 18 credits including courses in theater history and scenic art.