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“I truly find that my friends in the Honors Academy community motivate me to push myself beyond my comfort zone, and pursue opportunities that I never thought I could achieve.”
Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Rutgers University–New Brunswick

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Internships: Google Student Training in Engineering Program Intern (Summer 2019), Google Software
Engineer Intern (Summer 2020)

Career Goals/Aspirations: Software Engineer

3 Words to Describe Yourself as a College Student: Dedicated, Collaborative, Adaptable

Did you have a mentor or faculty member who helped you achieve your goals?
During my freshman year I participated in the Society of Women Engineers Leader Learner program, where I met my amazing mentor. At the time, she was a senior studying a double major in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Aerospace, and Astrophysics. Even though we weren’t studying the same major, her dedication for pursuing her goals was hugely inspiring to me during my first year in college. I always looked forward to the time we’d spend at the rock wall in the College Ave Rec Center, or drinking bubble tea together on Easton Ave because she’d always find ways to impart little nuggets of wisdom to me.

If you are a member of the Honors College or honors program, please share your experience.
Being a student in the Honors Engineering Academy has been one of the most rewarding experiences throughout my college career so far... The biggest benefit of joining the Honors Academy has been the network of motivated, inspiring people that it’s given me, and it’s definitely one of the biggest reasons I choose to stay at Rutgers School of Engineering.