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“Rutgers has everything. I knew I could explore any interest and be in the right place to do so. Plus, you can’t beat the location - close to New York City, mountains, and the beach.”
Geography and Environmental Planning and Design
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Kate's Story

From Rutgers undergraduate researcher (on campus and in Belize) to Ph.D. student, Kate’s work as a Scarlet Knight paved her path forward. When she wasn’t in the lab, she made time for her other passions: theater, student government, and philanthropy.

How did studying at the most diverse university in the Big Ten benefit you?

I grew up in a rather homogenous suburb in Phoenix. During my time at Rutgers, some of the most meaningful experiences was learning from my friends of different faiths. It helped me to understand their worldviews firsthand instead of from reading about different religions in texts books as I had while growing up.

What was your greatest academic achievement?

I am extremely proud of the research I’ve participated in. I was able to develop a strong set of skills through researching watersheds and food deserts in New Jersey, and I was very successful as a participant in a research experience abroad during the summer between my junior and senior years. This was the most meaningful part of college that drove me to apply for grad school.

Why should an admitted student choose Rutgers?

If you want a specific ‘thing’ or program, Rutgers probably has one, and a good one at that! The key word when I think of Rutgers is ‘opportunity.’

Kate's activities on campus: