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“Rutgers-Newark has provided me with the tools and opportunities to grow as a scholar, leader, humanitarian, and role model.”
Applied Mathematics and Economics
School of Arts & Sciences-Newark
Rutgers University–Newark

Albert's Story

Why did you choose Rutgers University-Newark out of all other colleges you considered?

I chose Rutgers University-Newark because it is the most diverse college campus in the nation. That coupled with its low in-state tuition, top-notch undergraduate programs, easy transportation to NYC, and many opportunities to grow academically and professionally made Rutgers-Newark an ideal choice for me.

What was your experience with the academic advice and support you received from your advisors before and after transferring to RU-N?

My RU-N academic advisor was very helpful in terms of informing me which classes I have received transfer credit for and which classes I need to complete to graduate from Rutgers.

How has RU’s Honors College experience impacted your student success?

The Honors College experience has given me access to a world-class education and has allowed me to develop an appreciation for outside-the-classroom activities and service projects .

Explain a unique value of the Honors College on your future:

 Having the Honors College distinction on my transcript has allowed me to be taken seriously as a standout student as well as increase my chances of getting admitted into a first-class graduate program.

Explain the value of the faculty to prospective students: 

The small class ratio provides a more intimate experience in terms of learning, because students feel that the lesson is tailored directly to them as opposed to the large lecture halls. In addition, the more rigorous courses prepare students for the type of courses they will encounter in graduate school.

My proudest RU-N moment...

My acceptance into the GS-LSAMP program and working under the leadership of Rutgers University Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor Alexander Gates, the executive director of GS-LSAMP.  Hands-down.