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“I received a full Rutgers University-Newark financial aid package, and without it, I would not be in college.”
Zeinab's Story
School of Arts & Sciences-Newark
Rutgers University–Newark

Zeinab's Story

Why Rutgers-Newark?
Upon receiving college acceptances, I knew from the beginning that I would choose Rutgers-Newark. It is a commuter-friendly campus, and was one of the most academically challenging universities on my list.

Best Experience So Far
My best experience revolves around being Editor-in-Chief of Rutgers University–Newark’s student-run Scarlet Magazine. I have met some of the most amazing students, faculty, staff, and administrators, who have done nothing but inspire me and look for what’s best for our student body.

How does the faculty bring out the best in you?
I have had close to perfect experiences with my professors. Their doors are always open, they are always ready to listen, and most importantly, they love their jobs and their students, and our success is evidence of that.

More Affordable Access
I have full financial aid, and without it, I would not be in college.

What Activities Are You Involved In?
I recently became active on campus, in terms of student leadership. At the end of Spring 2015, I was elected Editor-in-Chief of Scarlet Magazine (SM), one of the four media organizations on campus. SM is a product of the journalism department, but is funded by the Office of Student Life. Additionally, I am a student worker. I work two jobs on campus, one as a lab consultant in Bradley Hall’s computer lab for the Office of Information Technology (OIT), and the other as a peer advisor in the Office of Academic Services (OAS).

Community Connection
Through the Office of Student Life, I volunteered in their community engagement day last semester, which allows students (split into groups and taken to their assigned locations) and OSL staff members to volunteer their time in different centers, schools, and/or facilities around the city of Newark. My team was split into groups where some tutored elementary school students, while others helped in the mail room and organized that school’s storage unit.   

What I love most about Rutgers University-Newark?
I love how inviting many of the faculty, staff, and administrators are. From the Office of the Chancellor to RUPD, to deans and department heads, I have befriended many of these people. I will never forget my experience here at Rutgers University–Newark, and I owe much of how I feel to them.

One word to describe Rutgers UniversityNewark
Engaging. Rutgers-Newark always has something amazing going on. From charity to social awareness events, and from starting small to being revolutionary, Rutgers-Newark gives you the means to build a better future for yourself and for your targeted community. I know we have some of the best student-faculty relationships, and I cannot wait for prospective and incoming students to dive into what they will one day call some of the best moments of their lives.